"Seah" - 30x40cms

Liquefied acrylics on canvas

The little forms in Seah's texture reminded me of the sea and the life it holds, which inspired the name of this painting. Looking at the blue tone, I can feel the waves of the ocean brushing against the canvas. 
One of my dearest friends told me this painting reminded her of Poseidon, god of the sea, noticing a sad lover's face formed between the blue and white details.

"It's as if I'm Poseidon 
as I lay beside him. 
I'm an earth-shaker,
a love maker,
heart taker,
and a staker of the ocean. 
Concealed amongst a flock of lambs, 
I tamed the horses 
and I tamed my man. 
But I am the mighty Poseidon 
as I lay beside him
and drown him in my sea of deceit."

Seah is not available for purchase.

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