Thoughts of Cotton Candy

"Thoughts of Cotton Candy" - 45x60cms

Liquified acrylics on cotton canvas

This painting was created in the midst of my finals. Through pressure, stress and anxiety, I needed an escape. And my only way out of this dark mess was a pastel, light and colorful palette of liquefied acrylics for me to mix and mess with. It was not my usual, comfort-zone-palette, but it refreshed my fatigued spirit, left me feeling light, bright and colorful.

And these are the feelings I intend to convey to you through this piece. Liberation of any kind of pressure, bright and colorful bits of happiness, just like the joy cotton candy would bring.

It was beautiful to explore new colors, see them mixing into new, unexpected shades. And even though I was unsure and anxious about it, I decided to add the finishing touch which, I fell, brings all my fluid art pieces to life: gold. I also liked to sprinkle, before the paint was completely dry, golden glitter over this painting, because the more it shined, the happier it made me. The mixture of relief, anxiety, happiness and the complete consumption of energy was crazy, but beautiful in every way.

"We walked on the bridge over the Chicago River
for what turned out to be the last time,
and I ate cotton candy, that sugary air,
that sweet blue light spun out of nothingness.
It was just a moment, really, nothing more,
but I remember marveling at the sturdy cables
of the bridge that held us up
and threading my fingers through the long
and slender fingers of my grandfather,
an old man from the Old World
who long ago disappeared into the nether regions.
And I remember that eight-year-old boy
who had tasted the sweetness of air,
which still clings to my mouth
and disappears when I breathe."

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  1. how beautiful! What a great way to relieve stress, by making something so colorful