"Libertas" - 40cms

(Liquefied acrylics on canvas)

Libertas, in Latin, means Freedom. As bold as freedom could get, I tried to strengthen my colors. I changed the blending of my usual color palette into a heavier, thicker one, incorporating alcohol into it this time. I also went for more metallic colors: gold, a metallic cyan and another metallic ultramarine, blended along with the peaceful, indispensable white. The unusual density of paint and its movement on my sharp-edged canvas evokes the bittersweet taste of freedom, the feeling of liberation after being trapped in worries and anxiety, the full awareness of being human, our humanity being at once our only limit and our source of power.  

And while the paint dries on Libertas, here is my wish for you: liberation, freedom, deliverance from anything that sets limits to who you are, who you were and who you are yet to be. 

The borders and limits that we impose on ourselves set us back from fully enjoying today; little do we know this world is a wide one, this life is a short one, and it gets as beautiful as we choose it to be. Being trapped in worries and overthinking is easy, and art, in every form, has always been my main escape, to help me expand my thoughts outside of my little bubble and understand that as hard as it gets, I live in a huge world, guarded by a loving and caring God.

"The things you wanted your whole life
Suddenly lose their light
You break away
From the mundane
To surf other waves
This discovery
That the ocean is vast
That you were struggling
In just one cup
That you are not only
Who you are
But beyond
It all catches a deeper meaning
You feel the ocean inside of you
It cannot be contained
You embark on a new journey
Of self awareness
Infinite possibilities
Not a drop
But the ocean itself."

Joyce Mezher - @joycemezherpoetry

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