Wild Oceans

"Wild Oceans" - 120x120cms

Liquefied acrylics on canvas 

This piece was my largest work to date. In April, I got the chance to display one of my works at a lovely gallery in Beirut. After visiting and checking on the furniture, I headed to my favorite art shop to get the supplies needed for my new baby. Working on such a large scale was new to me, and I couldn't help but feel a little anxious about it. Luckily, the color palette chosen was my favorite, one that made me dreamy, comfortable, and ignited the spark that pushes the creator in me to the edge of creating potential.

It took me about half the day to get my magic tools ready, blend the many potion cups in the infinite shades of blue, and get to witchery... work, I mean get to work. Pouring, blending, wiping, shaping, progressively losing control of the colors and allowing them to flow on the canvas the way they were always meant to be, through my magic wands... I mean hands (wink). Creating a total mess out of my room, a few hours later with barely any bit of energy left in my body, I surrender.

I tried to incorporate in my palette a beautiful metallic Cyan that you can only distinguish when the piece is exposed to light, along with beautiful blue sparkles that created the magic effect I was longing for. The Ultramarine contrasted along with the lighter shades of blue on a bed of pure, clear white, complimenting the beige and gold patches of light here and there. All in a smooth, harmonious blend of paint that brought the peaceful effect of my fluid art to life.

The name Wild Oceans effortlessly hit my mind right after the piece was done. Most of my fluid art pieces are inspired by the element Water: rivers, rain, lakes or oceans... But this piece, with the overwhelming feelings that set off in me, has been the most suited and deserving of the name Wild Oceans.

This piece is available at Bechara Gallery, in Jnah, Lebanon. Contact @becharahome for more information.

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